4 R's Principle Implementation by Boisdeck


4 R’s Principle Implementation

4 R’s Principle is a principle use to reduce the amount of pollution around the world. Boisdeck is an innovative brand which fits well for the biophilic design. At the same times, it incorporates well with the 4R Environmental Principal (Reduce, Reclaim, Recyclable and Refurbish) to fit cradle to cradle design system.

4 R's Principle

REDUCE> First of 4 R’s Principle is Reduce. It gives closest finishing as wood in comparing with other imitating product.  So, it stands a better chance and higher possibility in replacing real wood thus it will help in reducing the exploiting of forest.  Moreover, it has a longer life span than real wood in outdoor.

RECLAIM> Next on 4 R’s Principle is Reclaim. 80% of the material is from special “reclaimed” post graded material. It further reduces the carbon footprint of this green product.

RECYCLABLE> Next is Recyclable. This product can be easily recycled. It means at the end of its life span; its recyclable value can self-sustain its recycling cost without any incentive from local authority.

REFURBISH> Final point for 4 R’s Principle is Refurbish. This product can be refurbished without additional material like paint and wood stain coating that not only incur cost but also cause environmental impact. You can use sandpaper to removed stain or pollutants on the homogeneous surface. By doing this, new wood grain surface will be restored. As such, besides having a longer life span than real wood, it also gives lowest carbon footprint in maintenance.


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