Why WPC Decking is The Best Choice for Your Renovation Project

WPC Decking

Why WPC Decking is The Best Choice for Your Renovation Project

Are you plan to renovate your home with decking that is stable, sturdy and durable? When it comes to decking, most people have hard time to choose which type of woods will be suitable for them. If you ask us, we are highly recommend Wood Plastic Composite WPC Decking.  Let’s us share why?

Wood Plastic Composite WPC Wood Plastic Composite decking or WPC decking is water and moisture resistant. Unlike many traditional wood composites, wood plastic composite decks are splinter resistant and slip resistant, making your home safer for bare feet, children and pets.

Because of the unique surface, Wood Plastic Composite can avoid insects, termites and effectively rejecting insect disturbance. WPC are also very easy to clean. Hence, it’s requires a very minimum maintenance. This is great as you can saving both time and cost.

Wood Plastic Composite WPC have strong plasticity. Hence, it is very easy to personalised or custom-made decking based on your personality style. At Boisdeck, WPC have 3 selections of colors which is Rosewood, Driftwood and Burmese Teak. You can have both natural wood feeling and wood texture.

As mention in our previous post, WPC decking by Boisdeck incorporates well with high environmental protection, pollution-free, and recyclable. Which is the character for environmentally friendly products.

Wood Plastic Composite decking are also very easy to install. The installation process is not complicated, and anybody can do it although not a technical savvy person. Installation time also very limited.

The weakness of wood because of the features of wood itself. Wood will have certain cracking and deformation while for wood plastic composite, you won’t be facing with this two issue.

At Timberdeck Sdn Bhd, our Boisdeck Wood Plastic Composite WPC decking is affordable and the it’s proven quality. Our Salesperson can guide you to which type of decking that suits your decoration needs.