Choosing A Wood Ceiling for A Room


Choosing A Wood Ceiling for A Room

When designing a room, we often forget about the ceiling. Most of the time, the ceiling will be left empty without any character. Eventually, what’s over your head has more to do with the feel of a room than any other aspect.

When you choose to add a wood ceiling to a room, it adding a touch of warmness and traditional charm to the room. Wood is an excellent choice because it’s reasonably priced and comes in many varieties.

Types of Wood

Most common wood people choose for ceiling is oak, walnut, maple, cedar, ash, cherry, cypress, mahogany, hickory and heart pine. However, nowadays, wood plastic composite or WPC ceiling wood is also a popular choice. Since you won’t be walking on the ceiling there are more giving you more choices.

Tiles are easier to install on a ceiling than planks are. Same goes to PVC ceiling panel by Boisdeck. It is very easy to install and you can do-it-yourself.

There’s many choices of type and colors of wood to meet your taste and your budget. The most important step is to decide what you really want before you start the work. Have fun with it.

If you choose wood plastic composite as your types of ceiling wood but not sure where and how to get the best quality, click here now and our sales team at Boisdeck is happy to help.