Boisdeck’s Decking Projects

Boisdeck Decking

An ideal replacement for wood. Every single piece of our Decking is carefully manufactured and manicured to perfection with natural variation of colour tones.

Our Decking composites are made from agricultural fibres (rice husks) and post-graded materials. Not a single tree was cut down! These capped composites come in two core designs – Hollow and Solid, and are perfectly suitable for outdoor landscape use.

Our Unique Advantages

  • Realistic & Refined Surface
  • Deep Wood Grain
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Vibrant & Lasting Colours
  • Highly-dense Vinyl Polymer Material
  • Versatile Application

Colour Range

3 main natural colours for WPC Decking – Rosewood, Driftwood and Burmese Teak

Inspired by colours found in nature, our premium WPC comes with natural variation of colour tones, each having its own beautiful characteristic, wood grains patterns, texture and finishes to complement any living spaces.