WPC Solid vs WPC Hollow Decking

WPC Decking

WPC Solid vs WPC Hollow Decking

One of most popular question from Boisdeck customer is what is the difference between Wood Plastic Composite hollow and solid decking. Which one is better? Which one is easy to maintain?

Actually, both hollow and solid wood plastic composite decking are eco-friendly product. Both have an outstanding performance such as fire and waterproof, easy maintenance, real wood appearance and “feel”

WPC Solid vs WPC Hollow Decking

Nowadays, you can find WPC products at almost everywhere for instance in parks, residential properties and office centres, restaurants, government buildings, education centres, and other outdoor places.

However, there are slight difference between WPC hollow decking and WPC solid decking. WPC hollow decking is cheaper and using less material compare to WPC solid decking. Boards. However, WPC hollow decking boards are intended for their strength and durability.

WPC solid decking appearance have more authentic looks compare to hollow decking. This is why, more homeowner prefers to choose solid decking compare to WPC hollow decking.

As for us in Boisdeck, both hollow and solid series wood plastic composite is carefully manufactured and manicured to perfection. Click here to check out selections of Boisdeck wood plastic composite products.